This teaching tradition is strongly rooted in the classical teachings of Yoga represented by Yoga masters T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar. We teach Yoga as it was understood by the Yogis of the past, as a spiritual, energetic, and holistic practice that is connected to the sacred texts of the Vedas and the Rishis of the past, yet we ‘translate’ the knowledge so that modern day practitioners can understand and apply it.


In this tradition all the different tools of Yoga are used to support a person’s journey. Our most important tools include:

Vedic Chanting

It was Krishnamacharya who opened the doors of Vedic Chanting to every sincere seeker, knowing well that it could benefit many people intensely on their own spiritual journeys. The study of Vedic Chanting is referred to as ‘Adhyayanam’, which means coming closer to yourself. It is a process in which we not just literally find our own voice, but often discover deeper layers of our true Self and remember our connection to the divine.

Yoga Therapy

In Yoga Therapy the focus of the Yoga practices lies in the alleviation of pain or sickness. Therefore, all the tools of Yoga are applied adequately to facilitate healing in an individual. Apart from Yoga’s tools, Yoga Therapy is also closely associated with a refined knowledge of Ayurveda, including the three different constitutions (doshas), pulse reading and dietary recommendations.