Training & Certifications:

Padmaja Bandreddi

Padmaja got introduced to Yoga for healing herself at the age of 15 years and continued to practice and became a yoga teacher and a therapist. She did her therapy training under the guidance of Mrs. Saraswati Vasudevan and has been teaching for the past 18 years in the Sri Krishnamacharya tradition, strongly founded in the teachings of Patanjali.

Furthermore, Padmaja is trained in Vedic healing chants from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), Chennai. She also studied Inner Work through Yoga Sutras with Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Samkhya with Sriram sir and studied yoga for internal organs with Srivatsa Ramaswamy.

She approaches yoga therapy as a complementary system of health which supports and works in conjunction with your normal medical treatments and in tandem with Allopathic, Ayurvedic and other healing systems to facilitate deeper healing. She adapts multiple tools of yoga to design a practice for specific individual needs and capabilities. The tools include purposeful asana practice, mindful breathing, meditation, visualization, diet and lifestyle modifications and counseling.

She is a teaching faculty in Yogavahini and is actively involved in Yoga teacher training programs, conducts group yoga classes, individual sessions, chanting group classes. She also teaches children, special needs children, senior citizens, therapeutic needs, and all age groups. This tradition believes Yoga is for all. 

She is grateful to Yoga in her life and is committed to learning as she is teaching. She is passionate about helping people transform from within. She enjoys Vedic chanting and enthusiastic about spreading the message of Yoga.

Padmaja is a IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

Padmaja believes “All life is Yoga” and draws her strength from the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.



Pushkala Venkatachalam

Pushkala Venkatachalam is a yoga therapist trained at Yogavahini, Chennai in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacarya. With 3+ years of experience in teaching yoga via her centre named “Darsanam” located in Hyderabad, she offers personal yoga therapy sessions and group classes.

She has the experience of working with people of all ages including children, young adults, people with various health issues such as Diabetes, Hypothyroid, Menstrual issues, Knee/LB/Neck pain, Varicose veins, Weight management, Stress from various reasons etc.

She strongly believes that simple yoga practices with focus on breath would help in healing & well-being. As in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, Yoga is to suit the individual needs, and she offers her sessions in the similar way.



Training & Certification:

Shubha Simhadri

Shubha Simhadri is a long time Yoga practitioner and a 500 hour trained Yoga teacher and a NAMA recognized certificate holder in Ayurvedic Nutrition. She is currently training to be a Yoga Therapist under the guidance of Mrs. Saraswathi Vasudevan. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda to help her students lead a balanced life.

She believes in the healing potential of breath. In her sessions, she focuses on helping students connect with their breath to bring awareness to body and mind.

She has been conducting workshops and teaching students in one on one and group settings for the past 5 years.

Before entering the path of her inner journey through Yoga & Ayurveda, she worked as a software developer and QA Manager in Microsoft and other Seatle based software companies from 1996-2007


Contact Information:

Email: Kranti.kalepally@gmail.com

Kranti kalepally

“It’s a privilege to sit back and connect with breath and sound.”

Kranti is a full-time mother of two lovely kids aged 9 and 15. She has been studying Yoga since 2012 for personal reasons.

Since then she is convinced that the practice of Yoga and Chanting opens new ways of inner exploration. 

Kranti is passionate about helping people transform from within with simple practices of chanting, deeply believing in traditional oral transmission (Listen and Repeat) by itself is a practice of Meditation. 

She teaches 1-1 classes to tune into individual needs, currently, she is enrolled in Yoga therapy and Chanting lessons from KYM. Her favorite chants are Gayatri Mantra and Sraddha-suktam.