Yoga must respect our individual differences:  age, professional activities, culture, beliefs & most of all health. To re-establish his health starting from more interiorized practices.For this, the transmission of yoga should be individual, simple, and accessible. It leads the practitioners to autonomy. It will re-etablish his health thanks to a practice that is observed  daily with constant supervision, customized to individual sensibilities and evolves along with the person.


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The object of meditation is anything used to help focus the mind. In a meditative state, the senses are in accord with the state of dhyana.

Vedic Chanting

Veda Adhyayanam is the ability to bring the mind to a state of complete attention. Through the process of chanting, which involves reproducing the teacher’s mantra accurately, one can reduce distraction and enhance their power of concentration greatly. Veda implies that which can be learnt. Not only do the Vedas tell us what to do, they also tell us, how and why we need to do those actions. Thus, the Vedas have for thousands of years been the primary source of reference for living. These teachings were considered extremely precious and hence every precaution was taken to protect and preserve them in their entirety. Ancient Indians achieved this through oral tradition


Teaching of Yoga involves individuals and since every individual is susceptible to one form of ailment or other, teaching of Yoga and therapeutic application are entirely different. Astra Satra Cikitsa is therapy where healing happens without surgeries. Yoga therapy is not a medical system for it is not disease oriented but individually oriented. All focus is on wellbeing of individual.